Fun with WoW


Just a fun little thing you can do if you dc, and log back in quickly! I can see my own hunter still logging off!


Transmog Showcase: Goblin Forger


Here’s this week’s transmog set. I put this together originally for Kohei, when he was still a Goblin. Meant for Prot Warrior, I think it’s kinda cool to have a forge/blacksmith type set, but still fit for actual battle. The shield can kinda be used as a impromptu forge, if this crazy Goblin decides to smelt something, maybe the faces of his enemies.

Here is the link to the WoWHead item comparison:

The specific items can be found in that link too. Note that it uses a lot of world drops, so getting the whole set might take a while.

OMG? An Update?

Haven’t had much to post here really, I notice there are a couple who check every so often, so I might as well post something for people to look at. I plan to do a weekly mog set, complete with item list, and what class. Probably will do all races, add some variety. 

Other than that, nothing much to report. Been shitty raid weeks lately, people not showing/g2g early (which is fine), Crash in hospital (hope he’s okay), hope we get out of this slump we are in. Still 9/14 HM, hope to be more progressed soon.