Testing out RealUI

Testing out RealUI

So, after meddling with my own UI that I tinkered with from Day 1 MoP, I stumbled across a pretty popular UI. It’s called RealUI, and the defaults of it already look pretty amazing.

The Skada bars, bottom right bars and my main action bars are all my addition, but as you can see, the unit frames are extremely unique. The top bar, longer one, is my health. As it goes down, it’ll become more red. The various little strikes within them tell me if I am in combat or not, if I have PvP on or not, etc. The one underneath is mana, obviously.

Going to test this out on the next raid, hopefully everything goes smoothly. God forbid I actually do less DPS trying to figure out a new UI!

As a fail safe, I have backed up both my old Interface and WTF folders, just in case I need to revert to my old UI. I recommend anyone playing around with an UI to do this.

Check out this UI at:


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