So during my little week break from raiding, I have been playing a game called Rift. It’s really fun, and I just want to share a screenshot of an event boss. Basically, every so often these evil forces invade the zone, and plan to attack major quest hubs. As you can see, there are these big guys who come out and start trying to kill everyone! So much fun. I’m currently playing a Rogue, and my spec is Marksman. Pretty much like a hunter from WoW, but with combo points.

I’m actually getting pretty addicted to this game, and leveling and stuff are pretty straight forward MMO stuff, but something about the community and the people who play it, everyone is helpful, and these random events that happen are just simply awesome. Very much like GW2’s random events. I recommend anyone reading to give it a try.

I’m taking advantage of an reward on a site called Raptr. Basically, it’s a gaming client, and it logs how many hours you play, and there’s a whole community etc. on it. If you log 16 hours of the Rift, even on the free trial, you get the full game of Rift, the expansion Storm Legion, as well as 30 days of gametime, absolutely free! The game is going F2P soon, but getting these rewards now means that I can get more bag slots, and more character slots, as well as some other perks. Highly recommend anyone to try it out. Not going to do the refer bullshit, just go check it out yourself if you are interested.

Nra out.


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