Design a Tabard Competition!

So, you have stumbled here! Maybe you are willing to go a little further.

Here are the details for how to enter the competition, and yes, there will be a prize for the one we pick!

1. Go to the Guild Master NPC, located in Org, next to the building Garrosh is in, Click on “I want to create a guild crest.” and design a Tabard that you best think represents Celestial.

2. Take a screenshot of your Character with said Tabard on.

3. Use paint(or something), crop your character, with the tabard showing, and save that picture of yourself with the tabard, as PNG or JPEG.

4. Once saved, e-mail with the picture.

Please title the e-mail as: Design a Tabard Competiton : Your Name Here, for example, Design a Tabard Competition : Nra

And make sure you attach the image. Heh.

5. I’ll gather all the ones submitted, and post it on the 30th of April, and we’ll decide who’s one is the best!

To make things interesting, the best designed tabard will win a cute little pet, Pengu the tiny penguin, as a constant reminder you won.

Also, 2k Gold (you know you want it).



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